ELO Boosting, commonly referred to as LOL boosting, is a form of service in which you let people who are higher in rank and much more proficient (known as a booster) than you to help you get an even higher position in LoL.

Is ELO Boosting illegal?

It is possible to ask questions about Is ELO Boosting Illegal?, and Elo Boosting is legal in League Of Legends.

Different kinds of ELO Boosting

There are many types of ELO boosters. We will discuss the most well-known ones you.

Solo Boosting

This is the most popular and well-known choice. It allows a talented booster to sign up to your account to play competitive games, either through Summoners Rift's Solo Queue or Teamfight Tactics.


This is the least popular option , and it is generally more expensive by the boosting service providers. It is the one which lets you play alongside the booster duo on your account, while he's playing with a smurf account belonging to his Duo Q account. you and start winning games together, so you will rank higher and can achieve the rank you want.

I'm not sure what to choose. I pick?

Worry not, we will help you in that article to pick the right boosting option for your desire.

Solo LoL Boosting may be the better option in case your budget isn't too big, you don’t have time to play around with it, but you want to swiftly achieve your rank, or if your anxious about being ranked is commonplace and you don't want the stress of climbing up the ladder of ranking.

If you're willing to pay more to have the chance to play with one who is highly competent and proficient, or it's possible to learn while climbing higher is something you'd think about. Is ELO Boosting illegal? Elo Boostings is legal everywhere in the world.

Why should I purchase an ELO Boost?

We can all admit that having a better ranking in League Of Legends is something that a lot of people that play the game look at and there are millions of players playing this game every month and having the ability to accomplish what they're not capable of is something you can be proud of and even boast about it occasionally.

You are content with your life and feel that you've achieved one of your objectives.

It's extremely prestigious to be able to reach a higher standing, especially in a multiplayer game such as League Of Legends, and you will also be looked upon in the gaming community as a person who is capable and competent enough to reach this level of achievement.

What should I be looking out for in ELO Enhancing

Finding a good LoL boost service is not an easy job, and sometimes could be vital to your account's security We call it the 5 elements of increasing.

Security Measures

Security is definitely the most important aspect and you should make sure that this service uses SSL, VPNs when logging into your account. You should also ensure that your data is encrypted to ensure it's not shared with a lot of users.


Privacy is the second important factor. You do not want people to be aware that you've been promoted to higher positions. This can diminish the excitement of getting higher rankings. Use offline mode.


Who doesn't like to have his money in his wallet? You must be sure the cost is reasonable for what you receive.

Customer Support

ELO Boosting revolves around support. You need someone to back you up in the event of a crisis.

Highly skilled boosters

If the other 4 elements are there, but this one is not, then all the work they put into it is simply gone. Anyone who is using an Elo boost must be first examining the skills of their boosters. If you don't have the top boosters, then it is recommended to get the best ones.